The power station is known for its long duration and its regular output throughout the year.
The operating tunnel between Høyegga dam and the power station passes under the characteristic natural formation Jutulhogget (the Jutul canyon). Rendalen power station utilises the water which is diverted from Glomma to Rendalen and into the Rena river. The power station is located in the mountain at Hornset in Rendalen Municipality. The picture shows Høyegga dam.

The dam

At Høyegga on the Glomma river, there is a 175 m long concrete dam with the maximum height at 10 m. The dam comprises four gates: one flap gate, two sector gates and one sliding lock-gate. All the gates are electrically heated to prevent icing.At the dam, there is a fish ladder about 50 m long.

The waterway

The water is carried in a 29 km long operating tunnel from the intake basin at Høgegga to the  basin at Hornset in Rendalen Municipality. The tunnel has six cross galleries.
The water is further carried in a 215 m long steel-lined penstock down to the power station.
A 340 m long access tunnel leads into the power station, which is built in the mountain. The tailrace tunnel is 800 m long with a cross section of 24 m2. The tunnel is entirely lined with concrete. A discharge channeltakes the water to Rena river, which is channelled down to Lake Storsjøen.
After passing Løpet power station in Søndre Rena, the water returns to the Glomma river near Rena village.