Nes power station utilises the head in the Hallingdalselva river from Lake Strandafjorden to Sjong near Nesbyen.
An about 31 km long tunnel has been blasted from the water intake in Lake Strandafjorden to the power station. Five tributaries are connected to this tunnel. Nes power station is located inside the mountain not far from Highway No.7 at Sjong in Nes in Buskerud County. The picture shows the front gateof the power station.

The waterway

The Rivers Votna and Lya on the north side of the valley are connected to the power station’s supply tunnel in a rather special way; the rivers run in tunnels beneath the valley and are connected to the main tunnel on the other side of the valley.
Nes power station utilises the water from Holsverkene and Usta power station in addition to the water from the rivers and the tributaries in the surrounding areas.

The regulation

The height of the regulation in Strandafjorden is no more than 1.2 m. The terms of the licence determine a minimum water flow in Hallingsdalselva river at the water intake; 2.5 m3 /sec during winter and multiplied by four during summer.

Power station and switch gear

Nes power station comprises four aggregates which were commissioned in 1967.
In connection with the power station, there is a switch gear of 300 kV with feeders to Hemsil II power station at Gol and to Oslo. There is also a local terminal for Buskerud Nett.