Bingsfoss is a run-of-river power station on the Glomma river, in Sørum municipality
The head of water of the power station is very low, ranging from 5.9 m to 3.8 m, depending on the discharge flow and the water level of Lake Øyeren, 10 kilometres downstream. The dam at Bingsfoss is a combined road bridge and power station. The islet in the middle of the river is facilitated for leisure activities, with its own exit and parking. There is good fishing below the dam.
The head of water increases with a rising discharge flow, with the lowest head during flooding. The absorption capacity of the three tube turbines is 875 m3 /sec. The flood diversion capacity of the dam is 4200 m3 /sec.

Resistance from the local community

When the plans for the development were launched, people in the community protested heavily because they feared the impact on the beauty of Bingsfoss. People who opposed the building have in retrospect expressed contentment with the result.

Environmental measures

The river course and the two old bridges on Highway No. 171 are divided by an islet. During the construction of the power station, two new bridges were built, which replaced the old ones. The islet was expanded by rock material from the blasting and additional soil, which was sowed and planted. Fish ladders were built in both courses of the dam.

The dam

In the widest course, the bridge is combined with a dam comprising four flap gates of 25.5 x 3.3 metres and a baffle wall. Beside the power station, a spill gate of 21 x 4.5 metres has been established, which was used as timber floodgateuntil the log floating in the Glomma river ceased.

Barely visible power station

The power station does not stand out in the landscape, which is typical of tube turbine installations. The roof is the same level as the road bridge.