Guarantees of Origin

A guarantee of origin (GoO's) is a proof of origin. The EU member states submits GoO's to electricity producers when they produce electricity based on renewable energy.

The producers recieve 1 certificate per 1 MWh produced renewable electricity. The GoO shall ensure the buyer of green electricity that the electricity is produced by plants using only renewable energy sources.

Akershus Energi (AE) owns and operates hydroelectricity plants mainly located along the longest river in Norway, Glomma.

AE's annual production is approximately 2.300 GWh, which equals 2.300.000 sellable certificates per year.

The sertificates are issued electronically, traded and redeemed by electric power utilities as evidence to their customers of the quality of the delivered electricity.

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Sigvald Maldal 0047 941  56 482