Information in English

Akershus Energi is a medium sized Norwegian producer of hydroelectric power. Our mean annual production is 2,3 TWh. If this amount of power were to be produced by fossil fuels, almost two million tons of CO2 would have been emitted in to the atmosphere each year.

We run four run of the river power plants in Glomma, Norway’s largest water shed, two run of the river power plants in the Halden water shed, two more in the Skien water shed and one run of the river power plant in the river Andelva. In addition we partially own ten hydroelectric power stations in Southern Norway. We also have shares in the small scale hydroelectric company Norsk Grønnkraft.

Through the company Akershus Energi Varme, Akershus Energi will invest one billion NOK in environmentally friendly district heating in the years to come. This will reduce the annual CO2-emissions by 120.000 tons.

Today Akershus Energi produces district heating in Lillestrøm, Lørenskog, Årnes and Sørumsand.

Other business areas in Akershus Energi are power trading, ie selling the power we produce, and trading in the financial market.