In the past, numerous sawmills were located on the Tista river.
The sawmills were gradually replaced by power stations. At the beginning of the 20th century, five Kværner turbines were installed, each with a capacity ranging from 1500- to 5000-horsepower. Tistedalsfoss power station is located on the Tista River, about three kilometres outside the town of Halden in Østfold County. The power station is situated at the lowest part of the Halden watercourse, exploiting the water from Lake Femsjøen, which is a reservoir of 11 million m3.

Water from Lake Femsjøen

The turbines received water from Lake Femsjøen through two pipes in the open at 430 m. Today, none of these aggregates are in operation.
In 1955, a new station was built in the rock with a supply tunnel of 24 m2. The first aggregate was put in operation in 1955, while the second one did not become
 operational until 1976. Each aggregate is 12MW.
The total absorption capacity is 42m3/sec.

Electricity supplies for Norske Skog

The electricity produced at Tistedalsfoss is delivered through cables to the paper producer Norske Skog’s industrial plants and on the power distribution grid. Norske Skog sold the power station to Akershus Energi in 2003.