The mountain areas in Einunndalen and Savalen in Hedemark County are known for their easy hiking grounds and wide mountain plateau covered with light reindeer moss.
The same mountain areas also represent an important resource for power generation. The power station is located just off Highway No. 3, about 7 km north of Alvdal railway station.
Savalen power station is located in the beautiful mountain village Alvdal in Nord-Østerdal. The power station utilises the water from the wide mountain areas in Einunndalen and Savalen. The picture shows the outdoor constructions, including the switching gear. The power station itself is inside the mountain.

Reservoir in popular recreational areas.

Savalen is a power station where the water has to be carried a long way from the catchment area to the power station. The majority of Savalen power station’s catchment area and reservoirs are located in Einunndalen. The water is carried from an intake basin in Einunna downstream of Einunna power station, then through a 4.6 km long tunnel to the huge Lake Savalen.
Savalen is the intake storage for Savalen power station. The mountain lake is regulated by 5 m. Savalen and the surroundings are popular recreational areas, and significant hunting and fishing takes place in this area.

The power station

From the intake storage, the water is transferred through a 7.2 m long tunnel into a surge chamber. The water is further carried through a blasted penstock down to a spherical valveand a turbine. The water is discharged through a 300 m long tailrace tunnel from the turbine into the Glomma river.
The power station is built inside the mountain. There is a 250 m long access tunnel from the outdoor establishment to the power station.