Rånåsfoss II

The power station was built in the period 1980-83. It is equipped with a vertical Kaplan turbine.
The absorption capacity is 400 m3 per second, and the diameter of the blade wheel is 7.4 m. The turbine is one of the largest in the country. The combined weight of the shaft, generator and turbine is 450 tonnes. Rånåsfoss II is located opposite Rånåsfoss I, on the other side of the river.

Effective turbine

The turbine has a high efficiency factor in large parts of the adjustment range. In terms of operation, this aggregate is therefore used for regulation, while the old turbines in Rånåsfoss I are run at a fixed load, giving the best total efficiency factor for the installation as a whole.

Expansion of the existing dam

In addition to the control gates at Rånåfoss I, a new log flume was built, with a hinged hatch measuring 8 x 2.6 meters. A fish ladder was also constructed alongside the log flume.